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Home Business When Will My Son Come Back: The Hostage Sailor's Mother

When Will My Son Come Back: The Hostage Sailor's Mother

by endroar
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Sailor Mohammad Nooruddin is a hostage on the same ship as Ainul Haque. His wife Jannatul Ferdous has been worried ever since she was taken hostage. The only son of Fardin Noor is two and a half years old. Even if you can speak a little bit, you are not yet old enough to understand. When Fardeen's mother's mobile phone rings, she just says 'Papa Kai, Papa Kai' and wants to know about her father.

Jannatul Ferdous told Prothom Alo, 'Nooruddin was on the ship during the last three years of fasting and Eid. Spent Eid day with colleagues on the ship. When I joined this ship last November, I requested to be with my son this time on Eid. He also promised to come at the end of the fast. After that, I have been counting the days of hardship for 27 days.'

23 sailors like Ainul Haque, Nooruddin will spend Eid with bandits this time. No one can say for sure when the sailors will be released.

Mizanul Islam, the media advisor of Kabir Group, the owner of the ship, told Prothom Alo yesterday, “The negotiations with the bandits are progressing. We are trying our best to bring the sailors back quickly.'


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