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Home Business What will happen if the Iran-Israel conflict spreads to the Middle East?

What will happen if the Iran-Israel conflict spreads to the Middle East?

by endroar
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Conflicts have been escalating across the Middle East since the Gaza war began on October 7 last year. Iran-backed groups declaring support for Hamas have been attacking from Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. Iran has long avoided direct conflict with Israel or the United States despite its support for its allies. But the situation changed after the attack on the consulate building in Damascus. Although Iran has been at odds with Israel for decades, Tehran has never come into direct conflict with Tel Aviv. Iran did just that within two weeks of the events in Damascus.

But what happens next depends on what kind of measures Israel takes in response to this attack.

Iran has now warned Israel and the Biden administration that they will now retaliate next. Iran's army chief, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, warned on Iranian state television, “If Israel retaliates against our military action, there will be an attack on a scale worse than tonight.” Bagheri also said in his statement that Tehran has warned Washington through Switzerland that Iran will attack US military bases in the Middle East if the US supports any kind of Israeli retaliation.

But analysts say that while there is a risk of the Iran-Israel conflict spreading to a larger scale, the situation is likely to take a different turn.


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