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What to do to stay healthy during Eid

by endroar
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This Eid is in the last week of Chaitra. It has rained in the past few weeks; A whole morning seemed to fly away that day in the gust of wind. However, the sun of Chaitra has spread its intensity in all this. During Eid, there will be fun, eating and roaming. However, it should not be forgotten that the joy of Eid can be ruined by eating and drinking in hot weather.

Festivals are not about fancy food or fancy clothes. It is inappropriate to suddenly eat various heavy meals instead of the long routine of the holy month of Ramadan. Instead, keep easily digestible food in the Eid food list. Eat cold food in hot weather. It is better to eat seasonal fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Any cooked food should not be left out for too long. Avoid consuming unhealthy food and drinks when going out. Friends and relatives can go to each other's house and hang out without having to travel too much in summer. Some precautions should be taken during the time that one has to stay outside the house. This is what Dhaka Medical College Hospital's associate professor of medicine said. Shahnoor Sharmin.


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