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Home Business What message does India want to send to China by making 'Sela Tunnel'?

What message does India want to send to China by making 'Sela Tunnel'?

by endroar
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India's Border Road Organization (BRO) last year inaugurated 118 projects including roads, bridges and airfields along the disputed border with China. Half of these projects are in Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh.

Beijing is complaining that by launching such development projects in the border areas, India is making the border situation between the two countries complicated and disastrous.

However, it is being claimed on behalf of India that China has an advantageous position over New Delhi by building roads and infrastructure in the border area and gathering troops there. In those areas, China has built numerous villages and arranged for people to live there. However, Beijing has denied the allegations, saying it has not occupied anyone else's territory or used force along the border, as India claims.

Byron Chong, research associate at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy's Center on Asia and Globalization in Singapore, said India is now realizing the benefits of building infrastructure along the border. They are now building infrastructure along the border to counter China. But their initiative is raising tensions with China along the border and encouraging China to build more infrastructure and power along the border.


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