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What is the way to cure the 'disease' of doctors and the pharmaceutical industry?

by endroar

After that, the drug policy was rewritten three more times in the country. In short, these drug policies are more industry and market friendly than consumer, health and patient friendly. All banned items now run as OTC. In 1981, the pharmaceutical market was Tk 175 crore. In 1985 it increased to 375 crores. In 2022 it increased to three and a half billion (350 crore) dollars. However, over one billion (1 billion) dollars is spent on importing raw materials. The people of the country want more development of the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, the poor patients get good treatment and good quality medicine, that is not an unjust demand of the people of this country.

Two. In the context of drug price hike, industrialists will cite dollar appreciation, high raw material prices, salary hike etc. as reasons. But why not talk about stopping unethical marketing spending? This cost naturally falls on the consumer. This is also a major factor in lowering the quality of medicines.

Three. Each drug exporting company has two manufacturing units manufacturing the same drug. Export goods are produced in a unit. And in another unit, medicines for the country's consumers are manufactured. Foreign buyers at the export unit inspect every consignment meticulously before taking it. But the people of the country want to know what the 'Drug Administration' of the Ministry of Health is doing to control the quality in the units that produce medicines for the country's market. What should be audited, when, where, how and by whom, companies and unitary universities should be investigated by senior researchers from departments of pharmacy, biochemistry and chemistry. This is where there can be gaps in quality assurance.


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