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Home Business What is the future of golden bags made of jute?

What is the future of golden bags made of jute?

by endroar
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Bangladesh has already reached the third top position in the world in terms of food imports in 2021.

So what are alternative sources of cellulose? This important question needs to be addressed before commercializing the biopoly. In other words, sources of plant-based cellulose beyond jute must be sought, while sustaining the environment and maintaining the balance of forestry. In the biobag market, golden bags of jute origin may be only one of dozens of products, making it impossible to capture the biopoly market.

If we look at the raw materials for the production of biobags in the global market, besides plant-based biopoly, there are biodegradable plastics, biodegradable additives, paper and cardboard, biodegradable composites, etc., notably from waste.

Biodegradable home decoration companies in Bangladesh can be an important example.

Apart from garment jute they are making yarn from banana fiber, pineapple fiber etc.

Using kachuripana, betel nut shell, hogla etc. This means that supplying biobags as industrial products on a large scale will require not only jute-based cellulose as a single sustainable alternative, but many different sources, preferably waste-based.


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