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Home Business What is the condition of Arpita's home, how is the family doing?

What is the condition of Arpita's home, how is the family doing?

by endroar
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Arpitad's dream of playing football started from Gowaldah Government Primary School. Sathi Biswas and Iti Rani Mandal, who were part of the women's SAFF champion team in September 2022, are also home to this cowshed. They were also students of this school. Talking to the local people, it is known that about 20 girls including Arpita, Sathi, Iti are now playing in BKSP and various national age-based teams after receiving training from two teachers in the small field of the government primary school in the village.

Arpita Biswas' first coach Goaldah Government Primary School assistant teacher Shahidul Islam told Prothom Alo, 'Arpita is a very good player and a good student. Wherever he played, he became the best player. But he grew up in a very poor family. They don't even have a good house to live in.' He attracted the attention of the government and the wealthy in the society to make a home for the devotees.

This teacher said, in 2014, they started football training for girls to participate in the Bangmata football tournament. On the initiative of the head teacher of the school Prabhas Ranjan Debjyoti and assistant teacher Shahidul Islam, girls are given football training every morning and afternoon in the small field of the school. Success comes one after the other.


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