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What is known about the four Moscow attackers

by endroar

Russian authorities had earlier said they had captured the four gunmen from the Ukrainian border while fleeing after the attack. Then from there they were brought to Moscow. According to the Russian intelligence agency FSB, these four people directly participated in the attack.

The four suspected attackers are Dalerdjan Mirzoev, Said Akrami Rachabalizoda, Shamsidin Fariduni and Faizov Muhammadsobir. They were produced in a Moscow court on Monday. Four attackers have been charged with committing terrorist acts. Mirzoev and Said Akrami have already admitted their responsibility, the court said.

Said Akrami Rachabalijoda, accused in the Crocus concert attack, was born in 1994. He is a citizen of Russia. However, he told the court that he could not remember which region of Russia he was living in.


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