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Home Business What is Halal Investment? Why is such investment increasing around the world?

What is Halal Investment? Why is such investment increasing around the world?

by endroar
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The role of technology in Halal investment
Last December FinTech magazine stated that Muslims make up a quarter of the world's population, but only 1 percent of the world's financial assets are Shariah-compliant. However, experts believe that this situation is going to change due to technology.

Ibrahim Khan, co-founder of online financial platform Islamic Finance Guru, said, 'Muslims cannot be said to know much about investments. One reason for this is that there are not many investment options for Muslims. Even general information about Shariah-compliant investments is not widely available.'

But awareness is increasing due to social media. As a result, Shariah-compliant financial activities are increasing. And technology in the financial sector, which can easily be used on smartphones and laptops, is helping to get information about various halal investments.

Omar Sheikh, director of the Islamic Finance Council UK, said, 'Your phone is the closest thing to you. Financial technology can start here. can come up with solutions that increase efficiency and transparency while also being desirable to retail customers. Many banks are now looking at fintech solutions or looking at fintech.'

Umar Munshi, co-founder and managing director of Ethis, feels that the age of potential customers is important in this regard. Young people are more open minded about investing online, he said.


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