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Home Business What is golden visa, why is there so much debate in the country

What is golden visa, why is there so much debate in the country

by endroar
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For almost as long as it has been a tradition in China to be rich, it has been a tradition to go abroad. The investment-immigration business started from the tendency of China's well-off and rich people to go to other countries. According to the Investment Migration Council, more than 80 countries around the world offer expedited residency (golden visa) and even citizenship. That is, if the citizens of other countries invest a large amount of money, they are given this citizenship.

According to The Economist, the most attractive program among countries that offer residency or even citizenship in exchange for investment is the United States. But it is difficult for Chinese citizens to obtain citizenship through this method. They have to wait for at least 15 years till 2022. In addition, for small countries such as Vanuatu and Nevis, citizenship in exchange for this investment is one of the biggest sources of foreign exchange earnings.

The highest demand for citizenship by investment is among Chinese citizens. But they are not the only ones, many other countries are now trying to get citizenship by investment.


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