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What is Duolingo Test, How to Prepare

by endroar
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A few caveats when testing Duolingo

*Candidate's name must exactly match his/her identity card at the time of examination;

*The place of examination should be very quiet and there should be enough light. The examinee shall be alone in the room during the examination;

* Candidate's face and ears must be clearly visible in the camera. In religious contexts the head may be covered;

*Headphones or earphones may not be used;

*Mobile devices, notes, textbooks and any external writing or reading materials are not allowed;

*Use of predictive text method is prohibited. For example, when typing English in Google search engine, if you type 'E' 'N' 'G', many suggestions like English to Bengali, English language, English grammar come below. Any use of such software is not permitted;

*Eyes must be fully focused on the computer screen;

*Do not leave the computer for any period of time;

*It is also not allowed to run anything else on the computer while the app is running in the background. Can't even open a new tab or new window next to the test window;

*Only one monitor should be used. Using two screens in an enlarged or duplicate manner is not acceptable.

Being completely online based, Duolingo English Test is very helpful for the tech-savvy generation. The validity of the results is 2 years along with maximum 3 examination opportunities within 30 days. The 1-hour duration of the test is comparatively shorter than other English language proficiency tests. Due to its acceptance in the educational institutions of the developed world, Duolingo has created a place of popularity among students.

However, the candidate should be aware of the technical arrangements required to see and hear clearly during the examination. Apart from this, it is also important to have the mentality of sitting in front of the computer for 1 hour continuously.


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