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What is autism, some causes and what we can do about it

by endroar
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World Autism Awareness Day is being celebrated on April 2 as every time. First need to know, what is autism? In this era of globalization, sky culture, science and information technology and the special excellence of chatgpt, people have opened the doors of various unknown knowledge, have been able to make many impossible things possible.

But still, some nightmares, some failures overshadow the joy of new life and give various messages about abnormality which can dim all the achievements and achievements of life in a moment. And one of these abnormality-related messages is autism.

In very simple terms, autism is one of the problems or disabilities that a child is born with from the mother's womb. Basically, a child or person with autism is born with developmental brain defects from the womb. As a result, he has to face various levels of impairment in daily life and behavior, receptive and expressive language use, perception and socialization, which continues throughout life.


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