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What I bought for mom and dad

by endroar

Before returning home on Eid, many times parents send money to buy something. I don't want to take this money, said Nadia. He said, 'It doesn't cost much to buy the things needed by the people of the house. So I want to do something with my own income.'

Redwanul Haque, a student of Islamic Studies of Jagannath University, earned a little income by tutoring students during his studies. House in Magura. Lived in a hostel in Dhaka for about three years. He came here alone during the difficult times of Corona to study at the university. After that, life became different. Redoyanul said, 'Those like me who have to learn to live alone may understand that within a few days of leaving the family, an urge to earn can be felt. I want to earn some income and give it to my family. And when Eid comes, this feeling seems to increase a lot. Before returning home, parents want to take something for their siblings.'

Dhaka University psychology student Mohammad Rahmatullah's house is not far from the capital. However, due to the pressure of work, it is rare to go home. This Eid, the youngster working as a behavioral therapist will also return to Brahmanbaria, to his family. So before returning, shopping is done. He said, 'Since everything is easily available here, we try to buy something for everyone in the house from here. Apart from that, if anyone has any requirements before returning, I will try to buy them first after visiting the market.'


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