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Home Business What have we done for footballer Razia?

What have we done for footballer Razia?

by endroar
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The Chairman of Kaliganj Upazila Parishad, Saeed Mehdi, had a question as to how much contact he had with the dignitaries, sports, education and culture personalities of the area. The answer was, well. Local dignitaries are invited on various national days. For example? Can you name two or four people? He replied, 'Like my nephew Jabbar. He's an ADC.' Ever looked for Razia? He said, 'Eat! The girl was not only from my upazila, but also from the same union.' He knew that the child is very poor? He said, he did not know. He went to their house after death and heard everything.

Upazila executive officer Dipankar Das is further ahead. He said, if someone wants help, they should go ahead. There is no instruction to inquire separately.

District Sports Officer. Mahbubur Rahman was also in the dark. But he was very sorry.


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