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Home Business 'We stumble, but we don't break'

'We stumble, but we don't break'

by endroar
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Another accident

Ronak said that on September 3, 2011, his maid sister fell from the roof and suffered spinal cord pain. His whole body became paralyzed. He was admitted to CRP. He and his mother then lived in a shared CRP. An accident happened in his life in October.

Ronak also said that at one point in CRP, they used to be two sisters in bed together. Mother used to serve them. A mother can only say, how painful, how tragic, how painful such a moment is for her. His sister died in 2012.

After treatment, Ronak was admitted to Eden Women's College hostel through CRP.

To live well, you need a job

Talked to Rabiul on the phone. He said, 'We are fine. Pray for us.'

When asked whether he would have married Ronak if he had not used a wheelchair, Rabiul said, 'It is a difficult question. Didn't think that way.'

Laughing Rabiul said, after seeing Raonak's smile, he felt that he had no chance to come back as he uses a wheelchair.

Both Ronak and Rabiul said that they are fine now. But when you can manage your own expenses, take care of your parents, then it will be possible to live better. For that, you need to work or do business.

Rawonak said accessibility to various places, including the offices of the Department of Social Services, is a major challenge in the district town. So looking for a job is quite difficult. However, the couple expressed their desire to support other disabled people if they ever become financially independent.

Ronak posted a picture of the couple on Facebook and wrote, 'We stumble, but we don't break. Because, dreamers don't stop before reaching their destination.'


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