Home Business 'We bowled well', says Pandya after Hyderabad 'Bedam Pituni'

'We bowled well', says Pandya after Hyderabad 'Bedam Pituni'

by endroar

Scenario 1: Hardik Pandya has just started his third over against Gujarat Titans on Sunday. Just then a dog entered the field. On seeing the dog, the audience kept shouting 'Hardik, Hardik…'. The dog ran up to Pandya in no time. But seeing him turned around and left the field. Posting the picture of this incident on social media X, one person wrote, 'Even dogs avoid Hardik Pandya.'

Scenario 2: Hardik Pandya was being shown on TV before Sunrisers Hyderabad's toss yesterday. When the spectators outside the stadium saw him on the big screen, they took off their shoes and started throwing them at the screen.

You can surely understand why Mumbai Indians fans are so angry with Pandya. After winning five IPL titles, Rohit Sharma was suddenly removed from the captaincy by Mumbai. Pandya left Gujarat and returned to Mumbai as the new captain in Rohit's place. Pandya has lost many followers on Facebook, X, and Instagram since this incident. This time the question has been raised about his leadership.


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