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Home Business Wanting to enjoy the joy of Eid: Musharraf Karim

Wanting to enjoy the joy of Eid: Musharraf Karim

by endroar
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'Eid in my childhood and youth meant great anticipation. Another name for this waiting is joy. In this age, waiting is no longer a matter. Waiting is now a thing of the past. We want to grab everything right away. But waiting makes achievement rarer and sweeter.
Eid comes with new clothes, mother's delicious cooking, everyone eating together, freedom to move around freely – the whole year of waiting to get all these together makes the joy of Eid sweeter.
Adolescence is always a surprise to me. The teenage mind wonders about everything. A small hill in his mind is a mountain as high as Everest. The green is very dark green. The sky is a flawless blue. Because life, society or preconceived notions are not taken into account in the teenage mind. His mind is crystal clear. The reflection of everything there is pure and joyful.
I did Eid in the village till class 10. After entering the acting career, the village has been visited occasionally. Due to busyness, many years do not even go to the village.


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