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Volatile stock market, big fall again

by endroar

Rupali Life Insurance, Aramit, Express Insurance, City General Insurance and Asiatic Laboratories were among the top five companies with price increase in Dhaka market today.

Apart from this, newly listed company Asiatic Laboratories was at the top of trading on DSE on Monday. The share price of this company, which came to the IPO in the book building method, increased more than two and a half times in just 15 days. The DSE authority has already sent a letter to the company seeking to know the reason for this unusual price increase. In response, the company said that they do not know the reason for the increase in the share price in the market.

In the initial public offer or IPO, ordinary investors got each share of Asiatic Laboratories at a price of Rs.20. The price of that share increased by 51 rupees in 12 working days. Its share price rose abnormally in the fastest time. Talking to market-related people, it is known that a group is working in concert behind the increase in the share price. Among them are some institutional investors. Because they also bought huge shares. Now institutional investors have also come together to take huge profits by raising prices.


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