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Use of birth control has declined

by endroar

Senior Public Health Officer Abu Jamil Faisal Prothom-aloK said, the government has no focus on population control activities. Although there is some shortage of manpower, there is no financial shortage. However, due to lack of attention, this activity has fallen on its face. There is often a shortage of birth control supplies. From November last year to January this year, there was no supply of oral pills and injectables in the field. The fear is that a decrease in contraceptive use could lead to an increase in miscarriages and abortion-related deaths. Abortion deaths were 6 percent in 2016, which has now increased to 14 percent.

Official birth control services include oral contraceptives, condoms, long-acting injectables, intra-uterine devices (ID) or copper T implants, permanent methods, and emergency pills.

Professor Mohammad Moinul Islam, Department of Demography, University of Dhaka Prothom-aloKay said the country has problems with access to and supply of birth control. There is a shortage of government services in reaching remote areas including Char, Haor and birth control supplies. Birth control supplies are now dependent on the private sector. The private sector has increased the cost of birth control. As a result, poor people are often unable to afford birth control and cannot afford birth control.


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