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Unknown chapter of known history

by endroar
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The history of Mumtaz Begum's self-sacrifice and bravery, which has been ignored by almost everyone in the history of language movement, has been brought before us by Hasnat Abdul Hai, the veteran fiction writer of the country, in his Kalyani/Mumtaz In this docu-fictional novel named

Along with Kalyani, some real characters from history have also come to life in this novel. For example, Ila Mitra, the leader of the Tevaga movement, met Kalyani in the jail. Two intrepid women are greatly inspired by each other. Kalyani realizes that motherland and mother tongue are more valuable than life. And so, despite being released from prison, she left her husband and children aside and chose teaching and politics.

One day Kalyani came to Bangladesh from Calcutta and loved the country with her life. After fighting for the Bengali language, he did not return to the world, no one in the family or the mannaf, tied to the daily life, understood the responsibilities of Mumtaz/Kalyani to the larger life.


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