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'Unexpected', 'unacceptable'—Razzak after unbelievable batting collapse

by endroar

He also criticized the batsmen in reference to Sylhet's wicket, 'Why will there be a problem with the pitch, will the pitch become a world of difference within half an hour? Before long they both killed 100. There is a 10 minute break. What happened on the wicket in 10 minutes. Actually something went wrong in our application. In fact, we are wrong.'

When the team is in danger of losing 37 runs by 4 wickets, this former cricketer cannot accept the dismissal of an experienced batsman like Liton Das while leaving the crease to pool. Razzak's one-word answer to raise the issue is, 'Disappointing.'

Later he added, 'It is not right for a senior batsman to get out like this in a Test match. In fact, Liton Das did not bowl alone, but 5 wickets fell here. Everyone is wrong. Those who are playing test matches, he is young, and he is young, and he is not yet matured, there is no chance to say these things. It is given to him because he can handle such opportunities. It's not anyone's fault.'

Meanwhile, Mehdi Hasan Miraj, who came to the press conference as a representative of the party, was asked to explain Liton's suicide shot. His reply was, 'Only the player who plays personally can tell what is going on in his situation, what is he thinking at that moment. Of course it's hard at the end. We have to take the challenge. As we are professional players. Personally, the outings we've had are definitely disappointing. Still we will try. Muminul Bhai is there, I am there, if we can get a little run, it will be good for us.'

Asked about Liton's reaction in the dressing room after being dismissed, Miraz said, 'Of course everyone was disappointed. Everyone feels bad when it comes out like this.'

Sri Lanka's batting coach Thilina Kandambi has also been surprised by Bangladesh's batting. When he was asked about Bangladesh's batting collapse in the press conference, he said, 'It happens sometimes. At the end of the day the situation was the same as it was at the beginning of the day but it has completely changed. They did not expect us to turn around like this. This may be a reason. Bangladesh usually struggle. I'm a little surprised from that point of view.'


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