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Home Business Two farmers died in Gopalganj electric rat trap

Two farmers died in Gopalganj electric rat trap

by endroar
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Talking to local people, Taj Biswas and Harun Biswas of Nischantapur village set electric traps with GI wires to kill rats in their paddy field yesterday. Farmers Sanatan Biswas and Kalu Sheikh came out of the house to irrigate the paddy at night. However, even after a long time, they did not return home. While searching, the family members found the frozen bodies of Sanatan and Kalu Sheikh lying there after being touched by the electric trap. Later local people recovered the dead bodies of these two farmers and took them home.

Russell Sheikh, a resident of Nishchantpur village, said that if someone sets an electric trap on the land to kill mice, they do miking in advance. The two farmers did not say that they had put electric traps on their land. Two people lost their lives due to their ignorance.


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