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Trump and Biden, where the two have great similarities

by endroar

The Biden administration continues some of its foreign policy initiatives that originated under Trump.

Biden has doubled down on Trump's economic, technological and political war against China. Trump's take on trade has given wind to protectionism, stalling the World Trade Organization.

Biden has taken initiatives to implement the 'Abraham Accords' taken by the Trump administration. The essence of this agreement is to normalize the relations of Arab countries with Israel without solving the Palestinian crisis. Hamas launched an attack on Israel on October 7, presumably considering Saudi Arabia's move to normalize relations with Israel.

Biden and Trump—both hold similar views. That is the establishment of permanent American dominance in the world. The difference between them is only in one place. That is, how it will be achieved.

Trump believes that the United States will use its economic and military power to coerce the world into accepting American will. Trump likes to present himself as an 'anti-war'. But Trump's penchant for threats and violence is a reflection of the American character.

Biden has pursued a more diplomatic strategy in this regard, trying to control international institutions. At the same time, he is trying to accept the American hegemony by listening to the countries that have the interests of the United States. However, Biden also follows the trend of economic and military coercion.

America's allies tell themselves that the Biden era is a return to normalcy for them. But allies continue to support Americans' global violence. They continue to willfully ignore America's political decay.

Trump is the symptom, not the result, of America's dysfunctional politics. Even if Trump loses the November election, Republicans will still lean toward fascism. American politics will remain toxic.

  • Shaun NarineProfessor of International Relations and Political Science at the University of St. Thomas, Canada
    Taken from Asia Times, translated from English


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