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Traffic pressure in Gazipur's Chandra before Eid holidays

by endroar

Transportation business in Chandra area. Yushub Ali said that traffic congestion is caused due to narrowing of the road under the flyover. Here the road needed to be widened. But now the road divider is being built, there is doubt about how much profit it will be.

Commuters and local residents said that even though Eid is a few days away, many are sending their families to their village homes right now. Due to lack of sufficient vehicles before Eid, one has to go with great difficulty. Many times, without getting a seat in the bus, you have to get on the truck or on the roof of the bus. So those whose wives and children have no work, now they have left for the village home. Due to this, the pressure of passengers and vehicles has increased in Chandra Trimor area.

Anjuara Khatun is going home to the village as her children are out of school. She said, 'My husband works in a factory in Gazipur. His holiday will be two days before Eid. I am already going to Belkuchi in Sirajganj, the village home, as my child is out of school. There is a traffic jam before Eid, so I am going earlier.'

Shahadat Hossain, the in-charge of the Naojor Highway Police said, 'Passengers will increase on the highway every day. We have deployed additional police. Important places have been identified, CCTV cameras have been installed at those places. I hope this Eid journey will be comfortable.'


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