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Home Business Today is the first Baisakh, the beginning of a new day with new convictions

Today is the first Baisakh, the beginning of a new day with new convictions

by endroar
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In the capital, Dhaka, people will be pouring into the streets from this morning. Red and white will dominate the dress. Women will dress up in red and white sarees, glass bangles, dul-malas. Males will wear Punjabis of similar colors. Many will have a red-green national flag band on their heads. They will return home after listening to the song of the morning program of Chaynat, walking in Mangal Bhajatra, in the garden, on the lake shore, walking around, chatting, in the afternoon enjoying the collective cultural alliance program at Shaheed Minar.

Apart from traveling and cultural events, today everyone will try to cook traditional Bengali dishes. For breakfast or lunch, pantabhat and fried hilsa will be eaten by many. There will be various kinds of bharta-bhaji, dal, ghant, tok-jhal, delicious dish of broth. Sweets will not be left out.

On the occasion of Bengali New Year, as always, President Md. Sahabuddin and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave separate messages. In the message, they wished the people of the country peace and prosperity for the New Year.

President Md. Sahabuddin said in his speech, 'Baishakh is not limited to festivals. It is related to our self-development and motivation to grow. Paola Boishakh is an indestructible force in the development of Bengali culture, self-control and liberation. This power of culture strengthens and accelerates the spirit of the political system in the development and democratic development of Bangladesh.


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