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Today is 'Maybe she's better than me' day

by endroar
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So where is the happiness? Who is happy? Who is actually better? Innocent but very tricky question. The answer can be found in a song by the late LRB singer Ayub Bachchu—'There's someone on the other side of your door/ You think he's a happy fake arrangement/ Forever happy in your own world/ Actually no one is happy.'

No one is happy—it seems safe to say not to generalize so much at all. Some must be happy. Because happiness is relative. Even a person who is materially in dire straits can think himself happy. He may think—no, not beyond, all happiness to me. The grass on the other side of the fence is fresher and greener than on the other side.

This tendency to think of oneself as unhappy and others as happy is created mainly from inferiority and lack of self-confidence. What other people have, how far up the so-called ladder of success a relative has climbed – if you throw away these thoughts and think positively about yourself, all lamentations, regrets and disappointments will disappear instantly.

Today, March 30, is Grass Is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day. This is a literal translation of a famous English proverb. Basically, this day is started to highlight the negative side of the human tendency to think others are happier than oneself. The day has been celebrated since 2010.

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