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Chittagong Zoo's three cubs born on February 23 to Joe Biden the tiger and Jaya the tigress have been named. Along with the naming, the cubs were brought to the public for the first time. At that time, Deputy Commissioner Abul Basar Mohammad Fakhruzzaman was present. The cubs are named Prakriti, Srotaswini and Rupasi. With this, the number of tigers in Chittagong Zoo stood at 17. 5 of them are girls. Baghini Jaya was born in July 2018. And Tiger Joe Biden was born on December 28, 2020. The tiger is deprived of its mother's cares soon after birth. Later it was brought up by the management of the zoo. According to the zoo authorities, such cases of reuniting with the tiger family after growing up to humans and breeding are rare. Zoo Curator Shahdat Hossain confirmed the naming of three female tigresses. Chittagong Zoo. Photo: Saurabh Das


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