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Thriller author's last story

by endroar
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'If you want to print, print. what to me And everyone is not impressed? He wrote as he wished. There is nothing to talk to me.'

I understand, he is very upset. There are plenty of reasons, though. After the death of Jhantu Samaddar, his family did not receive any royalty money. They could not prove that Jhantu Samadda is Jackie Forster.

I tried to explain again, 'You believe that your husband has a big contribution in my writing. I have been looking for him. I understand your situation. If you can provide me with an unpublished text of his, I might be able to give it a try. Articles printed in newspapers work very well as evidence in court. Please….'

Jhantu Samaddar's wife bowed her head and thought. He left the room muttering. After a while he came back with a laptop.

'Take it, hold it. I don't know if you will find anything inside. He had been reading about it since he got sick. I don't know what I was writing all day.'

'You haven't opened the laptop?'

'If you can open it. Enter the password. In the end, he could not even remember the password. What is written on a small piece of paper? See if you understand something or not.'

While picking up the laptop, a small piece of paper fell from inside. It reads—

“You saw

– You hit the tree.'

What does this mean? I tried to turn on the laptop. As far as I understand, 8 character password. Underline 8 words even in odd rhymes. But how to find letters from words!


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