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Three-day tickets are in high demand for Eid trips

by endroar

Pressure is also on airline tickets

Many homebound people choose air route to travel comfortably, avoiding traffic jams on roads, delays on railways, congestion on waterways. About 70 percent of the tickets for the flights that will ply domestic routes during the Eid trip have already been sold. The remaining tickets which are still unsold, will have to pay two to three times more on Eid to reach them.

Talking to the country's airlines, it is known that the demand for tickets is high after the 25th fast.

A popular website for online booking of flight tickets shows that the lowest price of the flight ticket on April 9 from Dhaka to Syedpur route is eight and a half thousand taka. Air Astra, NovoAir, Biman Bangladesh Airlines and US Bangla ticket prices are around 8500 to 10000. In general, the ticket price to this destination is between 3000 and 3500.


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