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Home Business Those who visit their parents on Eid are the most fortunate

Those who visit their parents on Eid are the most fortunate

by endroar
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I remember when I was a primary school student, in PTI, I used to write and perform comedy plays in the school variety show. Dad would see it and come home and say, 'Dad, do that again.' When he brought the prize after debating, he would say, 'Father, what did you say, say it again!' Dad had to repeat the whole speech.

And received love. I was a dry stick, my head was big, wherever I went, I received empty caress; My elder brother used to love me a lot, table brother used to love me, Munmun used to love me, my father and mother used to love me, the teachers of the district school used to love me, Abul Hussain Sir, a class eight student took me to the Head Sir, Abdul Alim Sir loved me, Carmichael College Sir used to love me. , even the teachers at the girls' school loved it. And we all had love for younger brother Milon.

Now, we will all be together again on Eid. All of us live in Dhaka, roughly in the Dhanmondi-Lalmatia area. I will miss my children abroad.

But going to Rangpur before Eid, the traffic jam started as soon as you cross Gabtali, when the bus will move, no one knows, now that seems sweet!

Earlier, when my father was alive, all my brothers used to go together to pray at the mosque. And after my father's death, we all went to the Munsipara cemetery after the prayers.
Now I don't go to Rangpur when Eid comes. I am praying for you, whose parents are alive, who have homes to go to for Eid, have roots, have roots. Many of our office colleagues are going home for Eid, I feel good to see.


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