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Home Business This time Bollywood star Mithun will campaign for BJP as 'Kabuliwala'

This time Bollywood star Mithun will campaign for BJP as 'Kabuliwala'

by endroar
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Mithun Chakraborty joined the BJP holding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's hand at a BJP rally at the Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata on 7 March 2021 ahead of the state's latest assembly elections.

Now Mithun is one of the members of BJP's state core committee.

In the public meeting that day, Mithun said, 'Today is a dream day for me. I used to think for the welfare of the poor since childhood. I thought of working for the country. Now that dream is going to succeed. So I can see my dream coming true.'

Mithun said, 'Dreams do not come just to see; Also comes to be successful. It is a dream for me to be on stage with Modi. So today I am proud. The dream seen with my heart may be successful.'

At that rally, Mithun was requested by the audience to recite a historical dialogue of his in the movie 'MLA Fatakest'. Mithun said, 'I will kill here, the body will be in the crematorium.'

Yesterday in the rally, Mithun said, 'This time I will give another new dialogue, “I am not Jaldhonda, not Belebora, I am Jaat Gokhro, Ek Chhoblei picture.” When the people participating in the campaign wanted to hear that dialogue, Mithun said, “This time I will campaign as Kabuliwala.” '


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