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Home Business This student from Bangladesh researched the clothes of astronauts

This student from Bangladesh researched the clothes of astronauts

by endroar
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How is the experience of working on such a subject in a renowned laboratory? Javed asked, 'I like the modern equipment and research-friendly environment of the lab. Like almost all advanced universities in the US, this lab also has well-defined work protocols. Such labs play a role in creating skills as well as interest in research. Here every student involved in research is required to complete a specific course on lab rules, regulations and safety before using the laboratory. If the desired result is obtained, the permission to work is given. Another great advantage of Louisiana Tech University is that any department can use other department's lab equipment with permission. Which makes research easier.'

Javed Parvez thinks that financial funding is the biggest obstacle in the field of research in Bangladeshi universities. Lack of world class equipment is also evident. His statement, 'like the developed world, the educational institutions of our country also need the support of other government institutions and private industries outside of the university's own funds. Lab facilities need to be enhanced. Then we will get better results.'


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