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Home Business This is how Mamuni left me alone…

This is how Mamuni left me alone…

by endroar
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Pooja wrote in the status, 'But what happened to this? Don't you think about this girl of yours? How can I go through life with this pain stuck in my chest? say you Mom, forgive me if you can. You were the only one, with whom I used to laugh, when I was angry, I would shout, and I would also take out the anger of others on you. Ah, what peace it seemed then, but now. Mamuni, there is no one to tell. Comforting myself now, everyone has to go. Don't worry Mamuni, I will come to you one day or another.'

Actress Pooja Cheri's mother Jharna Roy breathed her last today at 11 am at her home. His mother was suffering from various diseases for a long time. His diabetes also increased.


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