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This century old educational institution is known as the lighthouse of Mymensingh

by endroar

The administrative building of the college is reminiscent of British architecture. Passing that building and entering the main premises, I met some students of the physics department. He said that they are proud to be a part of this traditional institution. After a while, I spoke with Soumatta Ayan, a third-year student of the college's philosophy department. The campus is like a second home to Soumatta. He was saying, 'There is a different kind of calm when you enter the college. This college nurtured in centuries of tradition is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. There are many families in the greater Mymensingh region, where three males have attended this institution.'

Anand Mohan College has a good reputation for higher secondary education. The chance rate of the students of this college is not low in the admission test of public universities, engineering universities and medical colleges of the country. So even in 2023, this college received the highest number of applications for higher secondary admission in the whole country. 46 thousand students applied against 981 seats, the highest for a single college. This college is also one of the top three colleges on the basis of GPA-5.

What is the role of the college in making students? I wanted to know from Mahmudul Hasan, a student of the English Department of Anand Mohan College in the academic year 2009-10. He got recommended in education cadre in 43rd BCS. Mahmudul Hasan said, 'I was lucky to get admission in the English department of this college. College definitely played a role in my position today. The study environment here is very good. I can especially talk about the teachers in my English department. It is a matter of luck to have such skilled and experienced teachers.'


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