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Home Business They have been selling sweets in fairs for three generations

They have been selling sweets in fairs for three generations

by endroar
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It was learned from the conversation that Bikas go to big fairs near and far like Nalta Ors Sharif in Satkhira, Pir Saheb's house mahfil in Gunarakati in Budhhata, Charmonai mahfil in Barisal, Madhumela in Sagardandi in Keshabpur in Jessore, two Eid period fairs in Muzgunni in Khulna, as well as in small fairs in Pasara Sajan village. The number of sweet making workers increases or decreases according to the organization and scope of the fair. Sometimes 14-15 people stay in the team, sometimes only 2 people handle it. According to the work of the workers, the daily salary is 500 to 1000 taka. And according to the fair, sweets worth Tk 5,000 to 30,000 are sold every day.

Vikas Ghosh was saying that all places have improved than before. The scope of the fair has increased. The traffic of people is much more now than before. Earlier there were not so many rules. The cost of the fair was not that much. But now the cost has increased.

Taking an example, Bikash's elder brother Bidhan Ghosh used to say, 'Once I used to pay 200 rupees to participate in the fair of seagulls. Now it has increased to 20 thousand rupees. Now it takes 15-16 thousand taka to set up a shop in Charmonai Mahfil.'

Like Bikash, Bidhan Ghosh also sold sweets in fairs. The family is different but the business is the same. Both brothers have joint participation in big fairs. Divide the dividend at the end of the fair. But now as they grow older, they have increased business partners. He took two other people from the village with him.


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