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They came to Barsvaran with many different stories

by endroar
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Meet in the square with two fiction writer friends Shahnaz Munni and Nahar Monika. Canada resident Nahar Monika said, after 30 years, she came to celebrate Ramana Batmul's birthday. A lot has changed in these three decades. He was saying that the change is more noticeable on the outside than on the inside of the organization.

Meanwhile, when the crowd gathered, a hearty scene was seen. Nilanjana Aditi came with her mother Chitra Sarkar. But Chitra Sarkar cannot sit on the ground due to knee pain. So he stood outside the enclosure. And the girl has gone inside the bamboo fence. This is how mother and daughter watched the whole event from two places. The problem is, it's time to get out. Nilanjana has a little problem with her legs so she has to walk with little time. Nilanjana could not find her mother after the ceremony. Couldn't find it on the phone either. Then the girl fell into a little thought.

When everything was wrapped up, the girl was standing on the other side of the fence and the mother was standing on the other side of the crowd. The two were walking side by side at exactly the same time. Seeing her mother, Nilanjana rushed forward and said, 'Mother, I was looking for you. Have you heard the music?' The mother reassured her by touching her daughter from the other side of the fence. They both joined the crowd. The first morning of the Bengali New Year is being welcomed through countless stories of such people throughout Ramana.


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