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Home Business There should be more such installations to prevent lightning

There should be more such installations to prevent lightning

by endroar
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Every year from March to May there are 40 lightning strikes per square kilometer in Bangladesh. Because, at this time there is Kalbaisakhi. About one and a half hundred people die from lightning every year. However, the actual death toll from lightning is believed to be much higher.

And about 70 percent of the people who died due to lightning were farmers and these farmers died while working in the field. We are getting these information from various domestic and foreign researches. Although many other countries of the world have advanced in terms of information technology or strategy in lightning prevention, we are lagging behind. No effective initiatives are taken here, and even if initiatives are taken, they are not sustainable.

Experts say that there are no big trees in most of the crop lands in Haor area of ​​the country. The religion of lightning is that it falls to the highest point it reaches before hitting the ground. In treeless haor areas, the farmer's body is higher than the ground. As a result, the farmer was the victim of lightning. Farmers will die one after another due to lightning strikes while growing crops, this cannot be accepted at all.


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