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There is turmoil in the Pakistan Army

by endroar
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General Munir's term is going to end in November next year. Many officials hope he will be more sympathetic to his successor, Imran Khan. Many feel that General Munir's dispute with Imran Khan is personal. At the end of Munir's term, new elections will be held and Khan will return to the political stage. This is not the first such incident.

The ousted leaders have been brought back by waving a crowbar from behind the curtain before. Prime Minister Sharif's brother Nawaz Sharif has been ousted three times from the post of Prime Minister. He went into exile twice. He returns just before the February elections and is expected to influence the government formed under his brother's leadership.

This is where Pakistan's danger lies. Khan refused to compromise with his rivals in the army or with the political authorities.

Many fear that Khan will lead Pakistan with so much vengeance! On the other hand, if Munir extends his term, then this stalemate will continue.

There may be unity in the army for some time. But the sense of brotherhood of the army has cracked. If Pakistan's generals cannot resolve their differences with Khan, the country's stability, security and future are uncertain.

Ayesha Siddiqa Professor of Political Science at King's College London and author.

Published in The New York Times. Translated from English.


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