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There is no obedience in disobedience

by endroar
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There is a hadith in the narration of Hazrat Ali (RA).

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) said, Rasul (S.A.W.) sent an army and appointed a man as the Amir of that army. The Amir lit a bonfire and ordered the soldiers to jump into it. A group of people tried to jump into it. Another group said, we have protected ourselves from the fire by accepting Islam, so there is no question of jumping into the fire.

This matter was raised (in due course) to the Prophet (peace be upon him). Aiming at those who wanted to jump into the fire, he said, “If you jump into the fire then you will stay there until the Day of Resurrection.” Aiming at the other party, he spoke well. He said, there is no obedience in disobedience to Allah; Obedience is only in righteous deeds. (Muslim, Hadith: 1,840)


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