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There is no 'need', but pressure to create new databases

by endroar

How to sell SIM

In a letter issued to operators on February 6, BTRC has mentioned how SIMs can be sold under the new system. It said that the customer will provide his National Identification Number while purchasing a new SIM. The operator should send a message to the retailer regarding whether the concerned operator has any other SIM against that number.

If the customer does not have a SIM from the respective operator, he can be given a new SIM. If there are more SIMs then the retailer will verify and ask for the SIM number. If the customer can tell the number, it should be verified and the number added to the database, another SIM can be given to the customer.

BTRC said, if the number mentioned by the customer does not match with his NID, then the new SIM cannot be issued. He should be asked to know the number from the customer service center or customer care center of the concerned operator. If the customer cannot tell the number of the other SIM, then the SIM cannot be given to him. Then he has to go to the service center and ask to know the number.

In the country, a customer can buy 15 SIMs against his national identity card. Mobile operators take photocopies of national identity cards, along with fingerprints, at the time of SIM sale. Newly BTRC is talking about creating a database of personal data.


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