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There is an opportunity to spread our TB research to other countries

by endroar
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Saira Banu: According to the World Health Organization report, approximately 379,000 people were infected with tuberculosis in the country in 2022 and 42,000 people died of tuberculosis. Apart from this, 4 thousand 900 people are affected by drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR). In 2022, 2 lakh 62 thousand 731 tuberculosis patients were detected, which is 69 percent of the affected people. That is, 31 percent of people remain undiagnosed and about 3,500 people with MDR TB remain undiagnosed. These people are spreading common tuberculosis or drug resistant tuberculosis.

As we have seen, people don't get tested for TB easily. After the situation worsens, he comes to the doctor for examination. Gene-Expert device is used in 50 percent cases of patient identification in the country. In the remaining 50 percent cases, traditional microscopes are used. Gene-Expert instrument should be used in all cases. Tuberculosis in children is not properly diagnosed in our country. Children are supposed to account for 8 to 12 percent of all TB cases, but only 4 percent are diagnosed. In other words, even if many children have tuberculosis, they are not being detected and are not being treated.

These statistics show that the problem is very big. Why we need to be more focused on TB.


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