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Home Business There are only 134 legal restaurants in Dhaka

There are only 134 legal restaurants in Dhaka

by endroar
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Which one can be called a restaurant?

According to the Bangladesh Hotel and Restaurant Act, a restaurant is a place where 30 or more people can sit and eat quality food for money.

According to the Bangladesh Restaurant Owners Association, the number of restaurants in Dhaka is now around 27 thousand. However, the officials of Dhaka District Commissioner's office think that the number of restaurants in the capital will be like 40 thousand.

The process of claiming, registering and licensing restaurant owners is very complicated. They are harassed by running to the offices of various government agencies.

Tried to know the statement of Dhaka Deputy Commissioner Anisur Rahman regarding the complaint of harassment of businessmen regarding the registration and licensing process Prothom-alo. For this, this reporter went to his office on March 20 at noon. He was not found even after waiting for two hours. It is said that he is not in the office. Later several attempts were made to contact him on the phone. But he didn't pick up the phone even though it rang, he didn't respond even though he sent a small message.


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