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The worm enters through the anus, then…

by endroar
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After talking to the father and son, Samra Munda held two kunchias in both hands to fill the bag. But before filling the bag, he slipped on the mud and fell. At one point, two tusks ran out of the hand. One of them got into his pants. At one stage he felt something entering through the anus. Samra Munda did not give much importance to the matter then.

Samra Munda said that the distance from their house to Hail Haor is about 25 to 30 km. He returned to the area from Haor and sold the kunchias. He returned home after selling 2.5 kg for around 800 taka. He did not say anything to anyone when he returned home. At night, he cooks a kunchiya at home and ends his meal with his family members.

Samra Munda felt severe stomach pain after getting up the next morning. After that he went to Moulvibazar Sadar Hospital with his little son. Go there and tell the doctor that it can enter through the anus. Later from there Samra Munda was sent to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital.
Samra Munda's son Tapan Munda said, after bringing the father to the hospital, an X-ray test was given. An X-ray shows the presence of something long inside the abdomen. Then on Sunday night, the snake was taken out alive by surgery.


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