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The upazila of the dispute of parliament election

by endroar
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Priyotosh leads a controversial side. And the other side was led by David Rana, the joint convener of the Upazila Jubo League. David Rana was recently supported by former Member of Parliament Jewel Areng. Because of this, Priyotosh Biswas held a meeting demanding not to give party nomination to Jewel Arang even before the last January 7 election. When Jewel Arang was nominated in the election, Priyatosh Biswas directly opposed Jewel Arang and supported independent candidate Mahmudul Haque Sayem. Mahmudul Haque was elected Member of Parliament in the election.

Asaduzzaman Akand, convenor of Upazila Youth Party, is the candidate of Priyotosh Biswas as a Member of Parliament in the upazila. The current chairman, David Rana Chisim, will be re-elected. Upazila Awami League leaders and workers have divided into two main groups around these two candidates.

General Secretary of Upazila Awami League Priyatosh Biswas told Prothom Alo, 'There is division in the politics of Upazila Awami League. Those of us who were in favor of independent candidate Mahmudul Haque Sayem in the parliamentary elections are working for Asaduzzaman Akande in the upazila parishad elections.


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