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Home Business The story of Warren Buffett's growth, life, marriage and investments

The story of Warren Buffett's growth, life, marriage and investments

by endroar
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Buffett's work style is also different. Berkshire Hathaway has more than 65 subsidiaries. A separate chief executive or CEO is appointed for all the companies. They run the company. Buffett said the organization should be left in the hands of the CEO or manager. And his job is to find a qualified CEO or manager. He thinks that it is not possible for an unintelligent person to take visionary decisions despite having special human qualities. And comfortable people cannot be appointed as managers. Because, in adverse circumstances they broke down. There is a type of people, for whom profession is not only a means of earning but also personal pride. They have to take it.

The Berkshire Hangar Annual Meeting is held as a rule once a year. Everyone is watching that meeting. Every year, Warren Buffett writes a letter on the occasion of this meeting. He has been writing letters every year since 1965. It is said that the greatest investment advice is hidden in Warren Buffett's annual letter. This letter is called the best investment-literature.

Everyone still looks forward to Warren Buffett's investment advice. There are numerous books on his various advices. Thousands of his quotes on investment are available. Among these is one of his best advices for successors—they must shun three vices. Which he called, 'ABC of Business DKE'. Such as arrogance, bureaucracy and complacency.

A good manager is like a great football coach, says Buffett. They play and win the team even without going on the field. Leave the winning element in the team again, so that the team can win even without him. His best advice for investing is, what I wouldn't buy for myself, I wouldn't advise others to buy.

After the death of Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett is alone in Berkshire. So what will he write in the letter this year, all eyes will be on that.


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