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The story of the keeping of the Prophet in the house of the enemy and the destruction of Karun

by endroar

At the end of the day Tarawih, verses 1 to 44 of Surah Ankabut and Surah Qasas and Surah Ankabut from Surah Namal 60 will be recited. 20th para will be read. In this part, God's power, creation of heaven and earth, God's power, the test of believers, life after death, sustenance, the dividing line between two rivers, the story of Musa (a.s.) and Pharaoh, the incident of Karun, the suffering of Muslims, the difference between truth and falsehood, The creation of green gardens, fresh water and salt water rivers, grasping the Qur'an and guidance in the hands of Allah, etc. have been discussed.

God's answer to the servant's call

Surah Namal verses 60 to 66 discuss about Allah's omnipotence and monotheism. Later came the discussion of God's grace to man. God's mercy surrounds people. It is He who answers the call of the helpless servant in times of helplessness, in times of distress and in times of sickness. He is the one who gives the direction of the way in the deep darkness on land and water. On the eve of rain, he blows a cool breeze. He is the one who gives sustenance to people. give life

Good work is rewarded

Islam wants the best and best deeds from the believers. He who works for the pleasure of Allah, works for the welfare of people, stands by people, has a high status in the sight of Allah. Allah will honor him with love, nearness and grace. He will reward better than he expected. Remove his restlessness. At present, people are passing time through various instability, almost people are carrying an unrestrained flight life; As if there is no peace anywhere, this unrest of people can be solved by their good deeds. A good deed will be a light for people even on the Day of Resurrection.

Allah says, 'Whoever brings a good deed, he will have a better reward and on that day they will be safe from severe unrest.' (Surah Namal, verse: 89)


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