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by endroar
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'Oh Ma Uno.' Hearing the screams, a few feet wide Hawaiian Kop fell between the two. The two jumped apart.

'Don't be a boy.' Eramani shouted back from the room.

'Sabanan go to the mother? (Where did the soap go, mother?)'

In Eramani's haste, the soap fell on the ground. Couldn't find it in the dark, so it wasn't possible to put it in place.

After a few days, the people in white came. If there are any Rohingyas hiding in his house, they ask threateningly: 'Toar gratat hono Roinga ni hai ha!'

After that, the two were not seen again in the light of day. Sobhan used to come at night, that too late at night. Raufu would have made the most of the opportunity to sleep and get muddy. Raufou was sent to Sharifa's home for a few days as the shelling escalated in February. Sharifa works in the same restaurant with Iramani. Two children. Her husband also left her.

Towards the end of the night, Sobhan would leave after finishing his meal. One night a mortar shell fell on Iramani and Sobhan who were in the kitchen. Eramani was lying on the floor and Sobhan was tripping over the fence.

Two bodies were brought out during the day. No one had much trouble recognizing the two.


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