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The share of domestic brands in the fan market is increasing

by endroar

There are no exact statistics on how big the fan market is in the country. However, some leading companies say that the annual demand for ceiling fans is 50-60 lakhs. If the average price is Tk 2500, the ceiling fan market is Tk 1,250 crore to Tk 1,500 crore. In this case, if we consider other fans, the size of the market stands at 3000 to 3500 crores. At present almost half of this market is occupied by domestic brands.

Research shows that even two decades ago, non-branded fans were ruling the market. Besides, various types of fans were imported from Pakistan, India and China. As the market size increased, large companies in the electronics sector joined the fan production. At present, various domestic brands including RFL, Walton, BRB, Superstar, Konka, Yamuna, Energypack occupy about 50 percent of the fan market. It has reduced imports from abroad.

Walton is the country's leading brand in electronic products. Walton entered the electronics market in 1999 by selling televisions imported from China. At the end of 2005, they built a factory on their own land in Kaliakore, Gazipur. Commercial production at that factory began in 2008, with refrigerators. Later, the company started producing fans as well.


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