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The road is getting bigger

by endroar
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The brokers heard the land bargain from Ekram. They also inquired whether there was a rejection, whether the rent was to be updated, whether there was a problem with the heirs or not. A broker shook the white-black beard of his snout and said, 'Don't leave the land, brother, listen to me, wait for a few more days, if the road is built, you will get a good price for the land! The price would not have gone up!'

Ekramullah does not know that! Knows very well! But where is he while waiting for the road? In other words, he has to move his shop for this road and he has to sell the land to buy a new shop. There is no way to hold the land! If not sold, where will he get the cash? How will the new store?

'I want to see! There is one! Lives in Saudi. As I said, I will buy good land!'

'Don't look brother! I need support on an urgent basis.'

A few days later, after hearing the price that the broker said, Ekram's hand on the head!

'You're asking for water all at once, brother! Such a good three-crop land…what should I miss if it is not in danger…'

“I told you before, don't sell it, there is no one in the country who buys more than this price…”


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