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The regret that Khalid had in his last life

by endroar
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On the evening of March 18, Chaim band vocalist Khalid passed away. Many of his fans are yet to get over the death of their beloved singer. But it is as if Khalid is returning, he is returning with a new song.
Khalid has not had a new song for many years. But the 'Black Girl', 'Kirtan Khola', 'Natikhati Bela Gale', 'Mane Karo', 'Amay If I Remember', 'For Any Reason', 'Meet Again', 'Sarlatal Pratima', 'Keertan Khola', 'Sarlatal Pratima,' Aakashneela', 'If Himalaya Hwae', 'Hoyni Jabaro Bela', the appeal of many popular songs sung by him has not diminished a bit?
Khalid was living in the United States with his family for a long time. He returned to the country alone after a year and a half. Wanted to turn around anew with music. Along with solos, Chime also wanted to form a full band. He had been trying for six months. According to a source close to Khalid, the matter was not easy for him.


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